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How to feed a pet the tabletted feed supplement?

These are the basic tips to feed your dog a tabletted feed supplement:

  • Have your cat or dog in a sitting position.
  • Hold the tablet between your thumb and index finger.
  • Open their mouth with the fingers of your other hand.
  • Carefully place the the tablet into the back of the throat.
  • Close their mouth and rub the neck. 
  • Ensure the tablet has been swallowed.
  • You can give some soft cheese or peanut butter to make sure your dog have swallowed the tablet.

If your pet confidently refuses to take a tablet and you do not want to take the previuosly mentioned steps  – another option is to crush a tablet into small peaces or even a powder and pure it on the top or mix it with your dog‘s food. You can be sure that all of an active ingredients will stay at a top quality and the supplement will not lose any nutritional value and therapeutic effect.

BACHUS feed supplements are developed to be attractive both in taste and structure to your pet. It is normal if your pet will swallow BACHUS tablet unchewed as he/she does with super tasty snacks. Or your pet may chew the tablet while dropping small pieces on the floor, and then lick them up carefully. That is usually normal to the pets with small mouths  as BACHUS tablets are not so small as they contain heigh diversity ingredients in high volumes. Therefore, feeding a pet with BACHUS feed supplement is not a challenge at all. 


Why do dogs and cats eat grass?

It is a question asked by many pet owners as eating a grass is not considered so normal to meat diet preferring species such as dogs and cats. Do not panic, your pet is not starting to transfer to a cow or any other grass eating representative. The tendency to consume plants, especially grass, is fairly typical in pets  - most dogs and cats consume some plant material. Usually, plant consumption is not related to gastrointestinal illnesses, as scientists first of all consider it a trait inherited from wild ancestors which used to protect themselves from intestinal nematodes by eating plants.

The nutrition specialists comment that dogs and cats eat grass for a different reason: cats swallow it unchewed and in most cases vomit afterwards cleaning their digestion system. It is also observed that cats which tend to eat grass more often may miss digestion enzymes in their digestive system. For dogs, grass may be also consumed to clean their digestion system, but much more often it is considered a source of nutrients which are probably started to be missing due to their shortage in dog diet. However, a sudden increase in grass eating could be a sign of a more serious illnesses that your pet, dog or cat,  is trying to self treat, and that requires immediate veterinary assistance.

If you are worried that the grass around your home is pesticide, herbicide or any other chemicals treated, be sure, that your pet does not eat the grass there. It is always reccomended to discuss with veterinarian or nutrisionist what blood investigations can be done to your pet to discover which nutrients are missing in his/her diet and how they could be supplemented.


Why my pet's fur is full of dandruff and how to avoid it? 

Pets can get dandruff  just as their owners. Dandruff is a dry flaky skin, made up of dead skin cells that fall from the skin.  Dandruff can be a result of many factors in your pet’s health. They can appear due to allergy, fungal skin infections or bacteria, low humidity in the air in the living environment, poor diet. If your pet does not get enough water to drink or enough vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fats from his food, his coat sooner or later will start to suffer. It is always wise to consult a veterinarian concerning pet allergy or  bacterial conditions, to make sure to discover specific skin deseases in early stage. In any case, extra supplementation with feed supplements  including anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, skin moisturing and skin renewal enhancing substances are always reccomended. BACHUS feed supplement specially composed for skin and hair of dogs and cats helps to prevent dandruff appearance, skin itching and inflammation, moistures skin from inside and restores its natural balance. Morever, do not forget to brush your dog. Long brushes stimulate oil production and distribute it along pets hair. The brushing time will also strenghen your mutual appreciation and enhance relaxation.


What is BACHUS?


BACHUS feed supplements are developed to preserve and improve feed quality for pets,to promote their health and happiness. We strongly believe that being both a natural part of living nature and family members pets deserve the best feed supplement based on best natural origin ingredients. In addition to essential vitamins and minerals every BACHUS product contains herbal extracts. It is proven that natural origin substances have a significant effect not only on human beings but also on animals without causing side effects. BACHUS development team seeks to reach the synergy between science based innovations and long term traditions of natural medicine to get the best result for your pets.

To get an effective product all stages of product quality check must be carried out. We carefully select partners for supply of raw materials and periodically check their quality in chemical and microbiological laboratories to quarantee the consistency of quality.
BACHUS feed supplements are produced only from high quality graded raw materials most of which are also approved for usage for human food supplements.

The components used in BACHUS feed supplements are confirmed as safe for use for certain animal species, their compositions and dosage are based on scientific research results.

BACHUS veterinary products are developed by an innovative Swiss company Akses Swiss, GmbH.

Our vision

To be a help for a long and healthy lifetime of every pet

Our mission

To develop science-based supreme quality  feed supplements for pets all over the world.

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