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Help for dogs and cats: maintains normal liver activity, helps damaged liver

Pets may suffer from liver insufficiency as well as people. Pets' liver are especially overloaded in case of various diseases, taking systematic drugs, using medicine against internal and external parasites, in case of poisoning with food or intestine infections. To keep the proper function of liver, the use of hepatoprotectors is necessary. Sometimes a mild liver insuficiency may not show any symptoms, nevertheless, it is important to pay attention to the first signs which can be decreased appetite, increased drinking, weight loss, vomitting and diarrhea, apply to specialist and start to use protective supplements on time.

BACHUS Hepatic&Digest contains substances which can help neutralise toxins, protect liver from harmful effects, maintain structure and function of the digestive system.


• helps to neutralize toxins 

• may help to protect liver from harmful effects 

• helps to break down fats 

• helps to improve digestion

• acts as an antioxidant

Positive effect of BACHUS Hepatic&Digest on the liver and digestion function is reached by combining powerful herbal extracts, minerals, vitamins and other active ingredients. The feed supplement contains 150 mg of Milk thistle extract - an effective scientific evidence based herb the active substance of which sylimarin works against liver inflammation, helps effectively remove harmful substances, acts as an antioxidant.

Wide composition: 15 active ingredients including herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and other substances necessary for proper function of pet liver and digestion system. 
Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) extract, common turmeric (curcuma longa) root extract, liver powder, inulin, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, vitamin E, zinc, selenium.
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How can BACHUS Hepatic&Digest active ingredients help your pet's liver and digestive system?


Milk thistle (Sylibum marianum) extract is a natural source of silymarin. Sylimarin is known as having strong protective effect on the liver. It helps to decrease pet's liver inflammation, aids liver to remove harmful substances, works as an antioxidant. This substance helps to neutralise viruses, toxins, enhances cell regeneration, helps to restore liver after various diseases. In case of poisoning or poor biliary leakage sylimarin acts as a protector. Sylimarin can be reccomended in case of pet's poisoning or chronic liver inflammation.

Common turmeric (Curcuma longa) root extract can be called a natural pet's liver detox substance. Liver cleans blood by producing special enzymes and turmeric is known as stimulating their production. While breaking down these essential enzymes decreases the amount of toxins in pet's body. In addition, most of main active ingredients of turmeric can stimulate gallbladder to produce bile which promotes digestion and reduces accumulation of gas in pet's stomach.

Zinc, apart from it's other important roles in methabolism, helps to reduce the level of copper in the liver. Copper is a heavy metal which has a severe hepatotoxic effect. It is recommended to increase the amount of zinc in the diet of pets with liver problems. This trace element also also has antifibrotic properties. Fibrosis is a liver damaging process turning liver cells into a connective tissue cells.

DL-methionine is an amino acid which can help to eliminate toxic excess of heavy metals from pet's body. Also, this substance can have an anti-inflammatory effect by reducing the amount of histamine.


DL-methionine is also involved in removal and detoxification of excess fat from pet's liver. Lack of methionine can result in damage of liver, weakened muscles, skin changes, apathy, oedema, and disturb synthesis of folic acid. DL-methionine is one of the main sources of sulfur in many metabolic reactions of pet's body. Sulfur stimulates synthesis of lecithin and helps to disolve fatty substances.


Inuline is a naturally occurring source of polysaccharides which can be called dietary fiber found in roots and aquatic plants. Inulin can be called a prebiotic. The dissolved fiber is not digestible in pet's stomach, the fibers pass into the intestine almost intact, fuming the gel that feeds good bacteria important to the intestine. It can help strengthen pet's intestine and stimulate protective functions of the whole body. Inuline is also known as helpful in reducing the absorption of bad cholesterol.

Vitamin B3 is an important substance for oxidation-reduction reaction which take place inside liver, ferment activity, carbohydrate assimilation, cholesterol and porphyrin circulation, gastric and gallbladder juice secretion, hormone synthesis.


Vitamin E, selenium - antioxidants which protect cells from the influence of free radicals and can help slow down cell aging.

Zinc also acts as an important antioxidant. Zinc participates in many enzymes that regulate nucleic acid metabolism, promotes wound healing, growth and reproduction.


A tablet can be divided or/and crushed.
It is recommended to use the product for a minimum of 2 months or until the desired result is achieved.

BACHUStasteYour pet will like BACHUS Hepatic&Digest and ask for more and more. Do not exceed the recommended dose per day.




What is BACHUS?


BACHUS feed supplements are developed to preserve and improve feed quality for pets,to promote their health and happiness. We strongly believe that being both a natural part of living nature and family members pets deserve the best feed supplement based on best natural origin ingredients. In addition to essential vitamins and minerals every BACHUS product contains herbal extracts. It is proven that natural origin substances have a significant effect not only on human beings but also on animals without causing side effects. BACHUS development team seeks to reach the synergy between science based innovations and long term traditions of natural medicine to get the best result for your pets.

To get an effective product all stages of product quality check must be carried out. We carefully select partners for supply of raw materials and periodically check their quality in chemical and microbiological laboratories to quarantee the consistency of quality.
BACHUS feed supplements are produced only from high quality graded raw materials most of which are also approved for usage for human food supplements.

The components used in BACHUS feed supplements are confirmed as safe for use for certain animal species, their compositions and dosage are based on scientific research results.

BACHUS veterinary products are developed by an innovative Swiss company Akses Swiss, GmbH.

Our vision

To be a help for a long and healthy lifetime of every pet

Our mission

To develop science-based supreme quality  feed supplements for pets all over the world.

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