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60 tablets

Help for small and tiny breed dogs: maintains function of most important body systems and stucture of vital organs

Due to small height and weight and quick metabolism small and tiny breed dogs face skin, liver, urinary tract, joints, teeth, eye retina problems more often. These problems can be avoided or relieved by using preventive feed supplementation developed specially for these breeds.

Feed supplement BACHUS Small&Healthy is developed with holistic approach to the health of the smallest dog seeking for its health maintenance and suppport.

• helps to improve liver function

• helps to maintain proper function of urinary system

• helps to avoid dental plague • helps to maintain vision

• helps to strengthen joints, improve their flexibility

• helps to maintain healthy skin and immune system

BACHUS Small&Healthy is a complex of powerful concentration herbal extracts, minerals, vitamins, fish oil and other active ingredients to help small and tiny breed dogs to live a healthier and longer life. The carefully developed multifunctional composition of this feed supplement adresses the prevention of problems of most complicated body systems of such breeds and the maintenance of their functions.

Wide composition: 22 active ingredients including herbal extracts, fish oil, vitamins, minerals and other substances necessary for the health of small and tiny breed dogs.
Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) extract, roseroot (Rhadiola rosea) dry extract, american cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon alton), sea algae (Ascophylum Nodosum) powder, glucosamine chloride, chondroitine sulphate, collagen, fish oil, lutein, ascorbic acid, biotin, folic acid, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamino B12, vitamin D3, vitamin A, vitamin E, zinc, selenium.
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How can BACHUS Small&Healthy active ingredients help your small dog to be in its best state?


Milk thistle (Sylibum marianum) extract is a natural source of silymarin. Sylimarin is known as having strong protective effect on the liver. It can help to decrease small dog's liver inflammation, aid liver to remove harmful substances, works as an antioxidant. This substance can help neutralise viruses, toxins, enhance cell regeneration, help to restore liver after various diseases. In case of poisoning or poor biliary leakage sylimarin may acts as protector. Sylimarin can be reccomended in case of dog's poisoning or chronic liver inflammation.



Brown sea algae (Ascophylum Nodosum) is a natural substance derived from seaweed, acting against dog's dental plaque and dental stones. It is known as being able to effectively reduce the number of bacteria in the oral cavity, remove unpleasant odors. When chewed this product delivers substances that give softening properties to dog's saliva, dissolving the existing plaque and helping to prevent its formation. Sea algae contains important vitamins, minerals and trace elements which together with iodine are significantly beneficial to the dog's body.


Lutein is a natural pigment, the only carotenoid that can accumulate in the maculae of the eye. Its main function is to absorb light rays and help to protect eyes from the most harmful ultraviolet sun spectra - blue and violet. Combined with vitamins C and E, liutein also can help to act against free radicals.

Vitamin A is a vital vitamin for dog's health. It helps to avoid night blindness, ensures normal grouth, plays ans important role for the reproductive health.


B group vitamins are neccesary for most dog's body functions. Vitamin B1 participates in carbohydrate metabolism by transferring nervous impulse to muscles, it also decreases body acidity. Vitamin B2 maintains normal skin and mucous membrane function, helps vision, supports fat absorption and synthesis, helps in formation of red blood cells, is necessary for healthy skin, nails and hair. Vitamin B6 stimulates hemoglobin production, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, participates in other important metabolism processes. Vitamin B12 also takes part in metabolism processes, regulates accumulation of energy in muscle tissue, blood circulation, and participates in cell division process.

Vitamin A is one of the most important vitamins for dog's skin. Problems caused by vitamin A deficiency includes weakened skin and coat conditions, dull coat, itchy skin, its deficiency can also cause weakened reproductive function.

Vitamin E and selenium - antioxidants, essential for improving and maintaining dog's immune system. They can decrease the prevalence of free radicals and prevent potential harm which can lead to serious health problems. Vitamin E and selenium supplements included in dog's diet help to stimulate its immune system and keep the animal healthier and stronger for a longer time.

Vitamin C provides strength to dog's skin and elasticity to walls of blood vessels and cell membranes. This vitamin is an antioxygen helping to protect cells from negative environmental influence and strengthening the dog's immune system. Vitamin C plays an important role in formation of lipids in keratin layer, collagen synthesis and many other animal's body reactions.



A tablet can be divided or/and crushed.
It is recommended to use the product for a minimum of 2 months or until the desired result is achieved.

BACHUStasteYour pet will like BACHUS Small&Healthy and ask for more and more. Do not exceed the recommended dose per day.




What is BACHUS?


BACHUS feed supplements are developed to preserve and improve feed quality for pets,to promote their health and happiness. We strongly believe that being both a natural part of living nature and family members pets deserve the best feed supplement based on best natural origin ingredients. In addition to essential vitamins and minerals every BACHUS product contains herbal extracts. It is proven that natural origin substances have a significant effect not only on human beings but also on animals without causing side effects. BACHUS development team seeks to reach the synergy between science based innovations and long term traditions of natural medicine to get the best result for your pets.

To get an effective product all stages of product quality check must be carried out. We carefully select partners for supply of raw materials and periodically check their quality in chemical and microbiological laboratories to quarantee the consistency of quality.
BACHUS feed supplements are produced only from high quality graded raw materials most of which are also approved for usage for human food supplements.

The components used in BACHUS feed supplements are confirmed as safe for use for certain animal species, their compositions and dosage are based on scientific research results.

BACHUS veterinary products are developed by an innovative Swiss company Akses Swiss, GmbH.

Our vision

To be a help for a long and healthy lifetime of every pet

Our mission

To develop science-based supreme quality  feed supplements for pets all over the world.

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